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More good news! On Friday, January 14th, the Ohio Supreme Court issued its decision striking down Ohio’s gerrymandered congressional map approved by the General Assembly. First Ohio House and Senate maps were struck down, and now US congressional maps.

{¶ 5} We hold that the congressional-district plan is invalid in its entirety because it unduly favors the Republican Party and disfavors the Democratic Party in violation of Article XIX, Section 1(C)(3)(a). We also hold that the plan unduly splits Hamilton, Cuyahoga, and Summit Counties in violation of Section 1(C)(3)(b). We order the General Assembly to adopt a new congressional-district plan that complies in full with Article XIX of the Ohio Constitution.

The court has given the legislature 30 days to draw a constitutionally compliant map. If they fail, the Ohio Redistricting Commission has another 30 days to try.

We are thrilled with this win! It’s extremely gratifying to have Ohio’s highest court agree with us that, “In our representative democracy, the power rests at all times with the people.” In 2018, the people spoke, loud and clear. We amended the Ohio Constitution. The majority on the court is insisting that the new map drawn abide by the new rules. Seems reasonable to us!

Again, you are a part of this victory! So many people contributed, in so many ways. The thank yous would stretch for miles! We are proud and grateful to work with such passionate, dedicated, and generous advocates, supporters, and redistricting warriors.

Of course there is still much work to be done. Right now, we need to tell our state reps and senators what we expect from them: get started right away on a transparent mapmaking process that focuses on the voters. Click on the link to send a message.

Thanks for all you do,

Mia Lewis and the entire Fair Districts Team

PS: See this statement from Common Cause Ohio.

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