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We Need You THIS Friday!

4 advocates hold a Fair Maps Now! Sign in front of the Ohio Statehouse
Photo Credit: Paul Becker

We are now in the final month of drawing new districts. THIS Friday at 10:30 at the Statehouse!

The newly formed Joint Committee on Congressional Redistricting (Co-Chairs Rep. Shane Wilkin & Sen. Theresa Gavarone) will meet to discuss different map proposals. This could be our last push before they pass maps, but we just do not know. This lack of transparency is one of the main reasons we need to show up and express our frustrations. They may try to ignore our voices, but if we come out in force, we show them they work FOR US.

The goal is to pack the hearing room with as many people as possible. The best way to help is by giving testimony in person or submitting written testimony. See below for a step by step instructions.

If you are able to submit testimony, you should specifically testify on any of the four proposed maps, House Dem (HB 483), House GOP (HB 479), Senate Dem (SB 237), and Senate GOP (SB 258) maps.

REMEMBER: Submit testimony and a witness slip 24 hours in advance to the Joint Committee to Make a copy this witness slip to fill it out!

We now know that any previous testimony from House and Senate Committees on congressional maps will be transferred to the Joint Committee. So if you have already submitted testimony in the past week, you do not need to submit it again.

If you want to stay up to date as committees make last minute announcements, you can ask to be added to the the committee list for notifications:

Ohio Senate Local Government and Elections Committee, Sen Gavarone.

Ohio House Government Oversight Committee, Rep Wilkins.

HOW TO SUBMIT TESTIMONY (in-person OR written-only):

  1. Write your testimony. Save it as a PDF file.

  2. Fill out a witness slip. Make a copy of this generic witness slip (“File” –> “Make a Copy”) Fill it out. You will email it along with your testimony.

  3. You can testify on any (or several) of these bills:

Senate Dems’ Proposal: SB 237

House Dems’ Proposal: HB 438

Senate Republicans’ Proposal: SB 258

House Republicans’ Proposal: HB 479

Email your testimony and witness slip to AND

Testimony is due at 10:30 am THURSDAY (11/11)

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