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Yesterday, the Ohio Supreme Court struck down the gerrymandered Ohio House and Senate district maps approved by the Ohio Redistricting Commission (ORC) and ordered that they be redrawn within 10 days. The court found the maps “invalid because the commission did not attempt to draw a plan that meets the proportionality standard in Article XI, Section 6.” In other words, the new maps DO have to reflect the way Ohioans vote.

This is a tremendous win for Fair Districts Ohio supporters, every Ohio voter, and our representative democracy. It is proof that all your hard work fighting for redistricting reform and fair maps was worth the effort. It’s a strong re

buke to the majority members of the Commission, reminding them that they do not have carte blanche to pick and choose which parts of the new redistricting rules they will follow and which they will ignore. And they cannot split communities just to rig maps in thei

r favor.

Each and every one of you are part of this victory! Whether you gathered signatures, gave testimony, donated, joined the Speakers’ Bureau, put out a yard sign—or all of the above—this would not have happened without you! We are all so profoundly grateful.

Our work is not done. The Ohio Supreme Court has given the Commission ten days to draw new, fair maps. The Commissioners need to hear from you today to encourage them to do what we have been asking for all along:

  • Swiftly hold meaningful public hearings to hear from experts as well as Ohio voters;

  • Draw maps through a transparent and bipartisan process;

  • Keep communities together and prioriti

ze the needs of voters over short-sighted, partisan political concerns.

  • Create districts t

hat are fair and proportional to how Ohioans vote, adhering to the 54 percent R, 46 percent D proportional breakdown specified by the court.

Write an email today to Ohio Redistricting Commissioners to urge them to adhere to these important standards and deliver the fair maps that Ohioans want and deserve. Your voice in this process is more important than e


Also – yesterday, we held the Fair Districts’ Volunteer Huddle.

for the recording.

  • Click here for the information and links shared during the presentation.

Please continue to support Fair Districts during this critical period! Donate HERE.

Thanks for all you do,

Mia Lewis and the entire Fair Districts Team

PS: See this statement on the ruling from LWVO & ACLU of Ohio, and this one from Common Cause Ohio.

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