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Communities are the building blocks of redistricting!

To create better district maps, Fair Districts engaged volunteers in a state-wide project to draw community maps from around Ohio. The goal of drawing detailed, community member-made maps was to help inform on a micro level of how we draw district maps.


Software used to draw maps


View Maps from other volunteers!

DistrictR Tips

Request a Community Mapping Presentation for your Group

Have a trained facilitator come to your group to draw a community map in real time. 

Learn How to use DistrictR -

Community Mapping Software

Check back for future classes

Why should you do Community


Community maps are not official, but they allow communities to speak for themselves

Become a Community Mapmaker Leader

Ready for the next step in Community mapmaking? Sign up to be a facilitator!

Mapping Tools

You can still submit a map to the Ohio Redistricting Commission!

Additional Mapping Facilitator Guide

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